Starring: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Dawn Zulueta, Charito Solis, Eddie Gutierrez, Michael de Mesa, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Patrick Guzman, and more.

Director: Laurice Guillen

Producer: Viva Films

The story starts with Nicolas Adriano (Gabby Concepcion) and Vanessa Yumol (Dawn Zulueta), Manila’s couple of the century. Before their wedding, tragedy strikes when the chopper that Nick is driving crashes and burns in the jungles of Palawan. Nick had forgotten who he is, and meets a beautiful artist named Diosa (Sharon Cuneta). Nick had an amnesia and completely forgets Vanessa. He had fallen in love with Diosa and married her. However, when Niick started regaining his memory, and had forgotten about Diosa after experiencing another accident.

Awards: Best Supporting Actress FAMAS- Dawn Zulueta

Best Supporting Actress FAP- Dawn Zulueta

Best Story Adaptation FAMAS- Orlando Nadres


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