Starring: Angelica Panganiban, Jericho Rosales, Hilda Koronel, Johnny Delgado, Cherie Pie Picache, Pinky de Leon, Ricky Davao, Julia Pacheco, and many more.​

​Director: Laurice Guiilen​

Year: 2004​

Producer: Unitel Pictures​

Angelica plays Malen in the movie, a wayward daughter who lives in poverty and craving for luxury in life.​Her mother (Hilda Koronel) pray for other people for an ample donation. And this is how she supports their lives.​Then she meets a man (Jericho Rosales) who might not be a good one for her but he can give her things she yearns. She wants to lose her innocence and be an adult. ​


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