Starring: Vilma Santos, Tonton Gutierrez, Gloria Romero, Alicia Vergel, Alicia Alonzo, Cherie Gil, Ricky Davao, Suzanne Gonzales, Vangie Labalan, Perla Bautista, Joonee Gamboa, Eddie Arenas, Rey Hipolito, Rose Rosado, Symon Soler, Vicky Suba, and many more.

Director: Eddie Garcia

Year: 1987

Producer: Viva Films

Estela (Vilma Santos) learned she’s pregnant with her boyfriend (Ricky Davao). He loves her but his grandmother won’t give him inheritance if he doesn’t finish his law studies first. Also the boyfriend’s mother and sister also want part of Ric’s inheritance so they don’t want him to get married.​Instead, they suggested Estella marries Val (Tonton Gutierrez), a retarded young man and boyfriend’s half brother.​


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