Starring: Maricel Soriano, Lorna Tolentino, Gabby Concepcion, Eddie Garcia, Elvis Gutierrez, Flora Glasser, Noel Colet and more.

Director: Ishmael Bernal

Producer: Regal Films

A story of love, patience, forgiveness, and second chances. Angeli is an orphan girl raised by a wealthy widower, Diony. Angeli's hardships as a child led her to be a possessive and selfish woman. Diony has an only son, Efraim whom Angeli has adored since childhood. Efraim and his dad made Angeli the apple of their eyes. Then, Santina came into the picture... Philippines award winning movie.

FAMAS Awards 1988


Best Picture- Regal Films

Best Actress- Maricel Soriano

Best Director- Ishmael Bernal

FAP Awards, Philippines 1988


Best Story Adaptation- Raquel Villavicencio

Best Editing- Augusto Salvador

Best Musical Score - Willy Cruz


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