Starring: Christopher De Leon, Cesar Montano, Maritoni Fernandez, Nanette Medved, Dante Rivero, Daria Ramirez, Cherry Pie Picache, Caridad Sanchez, Rosemarie Gil, Lucita Soriano and others.

Director: Joel Lamangan

Producer: Viva Films

Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Hugo worships the ground his fiancée Alicia walks on. That is because he feels Alicia is his creation. From a monstrous carnivals freak attraction he has transformed her into a beautiful and glamorous woman. But Alicia learns that beauty is not everything. She finds it hard to discern if people like her for herself or for being a beautiful and rich woman. She yearns to be her former self, Carissa. As the ugly Carissa, she was sure that people who liked her really liked her. People like her former neighbor and lover, Mendez. So when it turns out that Mendez is Dr. Hugo's grandson, the former lovers take up where they let off and plan a scam to get Dr. Hugo's money.


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