Starring: Fernando Poe Jr, Vic Vargas, Marianne dela Riva, Harlene Bautista, Paquito Diaz, Subas Herrero, Betring Labra, Rosemarie Gil, Mario Escudero, Johnny Vicar, Vic Varrion, Belo Borja, and many more.​

Director: Willy Milan​

Year: 1988​

Producer: Lea Productions​

The movie opens with the renewal of wedding vows of Don Rico and his wife but a shooter shot Don Rico. The henchman killed everybody, including the househelp. The only family member left is David Villafuerte (Fernando Poe, Jr.) who is still in prison serving his sentence for illegal firearms selling. David has learned that the Villafuerte family has been all wiped out and that his life is also in danger. ​


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