Starring: Sharon Cuneta, Gabby Concepcion, Celia Rodriguez, Vic Silayan, Chanda Romero, Rex Cortez, Odette Khan, and many more.​

​Director: Emmanuel Borlaza​

​Year: 1984​

​Proucer: Viva Films​

In the movie Sharon is Myrna Snchez and Gabby is Lito Salazar, two young lovers who decided they wanted to get married. Myrna’s parents thought they are not matured enough but they went ahead with their blessing.​ ​But Lito is a spoiled brat who is notready to become a husband. His father, a rich businessman, gave him a job in their company but he couldn’t perform well.​Lito was later seduced by an older woman played by Chanda Romero and he gave in to the temptation.​Meanwhile, Myrna got pregnant but Litoremains irresponsible. He left Myrna but she went on with life- she’s a strong woman! ​


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